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Your journey starts here with mya kay! 

“You can either walk to your destination or drive. Having a coach is like hopping in a car with a very experienced driver. You know you’ll get there just a little quicker.” – Mya Kay

Designed to cultivate a timeless system for your career as a writer, Masterpiece Inked offers sessions that are tailored to meet you where you are and bring you closer to where you need to be. All options give you the tools you need to build a strong career.

New Packages

Easy booking system:

Whether you need help creating a fluid system designed to propel you forward or a quick session to get you out of a rut, coaching will give you the tools you need. Monthly and retainer options are also available and includes a customized ‘moving forward’ blueprint, which will help you organize and plan your writing; email support in between sessions and feedback on your work in progress.

The Masterpiece Program

The Masterpiece Program is an intensive program, with 30, one-hour sessions that are divided into coaching, branding, marketing (pre-launch) and consulting for your book. This program is perfect for individuals who are ready to stop playing around with their purpose. This option includes coaching on building your author brand and pre-launch marketing strategies all for just $2,000 (paid in installments). There is limited booking for the VIP program (3 clients a month) and it requires a 90-minute intake session (can only be booked personally, not via the online scheduling link).  To find out more about the program, click here: Masterpiece Inked VIP Presentation

Perhaps you started writing a book and then, this happened:

“I look on Amazon and see so many books out there and I feel like mine would get lost in the crowd.”

“I don’t know how to market and everything looks so overwhelming. I’ll just write for myself.”

“Self-publishing is too expensive and I’m scared I don’t have the money I need.”

“I’ll just do everything myself and google what I don’t know.”

“I can’t finish my book. I got stuck in the middle. I’ll just start from scratch and maybe the next book I write will be publishable.”

“I don’t know if I can build a writing business in today’s saturated market.”

“How can I focus on my dream when I have so many bills to pay?”

Sounds familiar, right? That’s because most aspiring authors feel and think this way, especially when they decide to embark on the journey of writing a book. Well, that stinking thinking has got to go. In fact, IT’S LEAVING as you read this. 

Are you ready to unwrap your gift? Let’s do it together.

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