Children’s Book Services

I’ve studied children’s writing and publishing for the last ten years. As a young adult author who was signed to a New York publisher, I can tell you that the industry is always changing. In 2019, I landed my literary agent for my middle grade novel (read the post here). As I’m awaiting the publication of my own children’s picture books (near future), I believe that the tools and resources (as well as the expertise) that I have in regards to the children’s market will be beneficial to anyone writing a book, whether for age 2 or 12.

Regardless of what route you take, it is important to remember that writing is a business. Nothing is free and everything you need to secure your writing dreams, starts with your sacrifice and commitment, both mentally and financially. Writing and publishing can be a long, grueling journey, but it is fun and rewarding once you see your vision come to life.

Be sure to check out 7 Quick Tips for Writing a Children’s Book.

I offer services as it pertains to the writing (coaching), editing and consulting for your children’s book. I offer publishing guidance as it pertains to self-publishing or mainstream publishing. This means, after you (or we) make sure your book has been written and edited to perfection and an illustrator is secured (this is only necessary if you are self-publishing AND I can help with this), you can consult with me to either help you build your own publishing imprint or guide you to preparing your submission for literary agents in the business.

My coaching and consulting methods prepare you for the long haul. If you’d like to speak to me further about your project and what the next best steps for you might be, click here to book a consultation.

Recent Client Testimonial from JacQuan Winters (March 2018): 

1) How did you feel like the manuscript review helped you? — The manuscript review helped expand my thought process. Through the manuscript review, I was able to receive a different perspective to finish my book. Mya’s feedback was very insightful and I greatly appreciate her honesty. 
2) Was the follow-up phone consultation helpful to understanding the written review? Why or why not? — Yes, the follow-up consultation was very helpful. Mya was able to answer all of my question with very detailed answers and much clarity. 
3) Would you book services with MIP in the future? What appeals to you most about Mya’s expertise and why would you refer her to others? — Yes, I would book services with MIP in the near future. I hope to establish a working partnership with MIP. Mya’s honesty during the reviewal process was very appealing and that’s why I would refer others to MIP without hesitation. 

Editing Services Children’s Manuscripts: Flat rates apply for editing of children’s books, from picture books to easy readers. Middle grade fiction and above, please visit this page.

Picture Books (1500 words max): $250 (includes 3 rounds of editing/proofreading)

Easy Readers (3,000 to 10,000 words max): Starting at $350 (includes 3 rounds of editing/proofreading)

Picture Book Concept Analysis (analysis only): $200 (1500 words max)

Easy Reader Concept Analysis (analysis only): Starting at $250-$400 (3,000-10,000 words)

A concept analysis includes a 1-3 page report on the story’s concept (plot, characters, etc.), suggestions for improvement and overall view from what feedback might be from the intended target audience. 

Consultations are $50/30 minutes. I do not offer free consultations, however, if you decide to book services after we speak, I will apply the consultation fee to your first invoice. This does not apply to one-hour coaching sessions or any service/package less than $300.